Welcome to First Christian Church. We are a loving, inclusive body of believers seeking to humbly serve a broken world.

About the Disciples of Christ Church
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A diverse and dynamic congregation

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10:15 am Sunday morning worship service

9:00 am Sunday morning Bible study

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in West Palm Beach

A diverse and dynamic congregation

Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by being instruments of God’s love and grace for all people. We live and practice Jesus’s command to “love one another as you would love yourself.” We offer the following services throughout the week:

Sun 9:00 am Bible study for all ages
Sun 10:15 am Worship service

Wed 6:00 pm Adult Bible Study (Dates & lengths of studies vary. Please see “Events” for more information.)
Wed 6:00 pm FaithWeaver Friends (K-5th grade)
Wed 6:00 pm Youth Group (Middle-High school)

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From Donn's Desk

March 2015 more »

Most of us have heard songs, read articles or mused to ourselves about what advice we would give to our younger selves if we could write a letter or go back in time. If we are really honest we know that our younger self would probably not listen to our older self any more than we listened to anyone when we were young and people tried to give us advice.

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Cindy's Corner

April 2015 more »

There is an English idiom that says, “The more the merrier.” It is normally used to refer to the fact that an event will be more successful as the quantity or number of something increases. For example, a party is usually better and more fun to attend if there are lots of people in attendance.

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